So before we moved into our new home, I created a Pinterest Board called “Entryway Inspo,” where I dreamed of all the adorable ways I could make an instant statement with color and style when someone walked into our house! But once we opened our front door… we realized we needed to figure out how to make an entryway… despite not having an entryway space. Here’s our journey to making a beautiful and functional entryway in our small house!

I just love a good entryway, especially one that is both beautiful and functional. It needs to be welcoming and eye-catching, but it also needs to provide a space for keys and bags and coats and shoes. I especially love a dedicated entryway room, like this beautifully painted and designed one from Apartment Therapy. Yes, please! Look at the pops of bright and dark color, the useful hooks and shoe storage, a bench for sitting, a pendant light because pendants are awesome. 

Apartment Therapy, “Carl & Emma’s Well-Traveled Family Home”

Just a small nook by the front door can create a gorgeous entryway vibe! Check out this example from Charleston Blonde. It takes a background of classic white and unapologetically adds bright pink, gold, and teal blue elements to make a wonderful (although not 100% functional) statement.   

Charleston Blonde, “Our Front Entryway”

Even just a wall adjacent to the front door can hold a useful and pretty entryway table, like this design from Better Homes and Gardens. I love how the wallpaper wraps around the wall and across the door area. The mirror, framed with classy wall lighting, is perfectly placed for a quick check before going out. And the tray underneath the table is practical for shoes and boots. 

Better Homes and Gardens, “31 Small-Space Solutions for Every Room in Your Home

So basically, my ideal entryway includes shoe storage, hooks for coats and hats, a spot for purses and backpacks, containers for wet or muddy items like umbrellas and boots, a mirror, some lighting, a place to sit, and awesome pops of color! 

Of course, as soon as we stepped into our new house, we realized that none of these solutions would work! Our front door opens directly to the stairs going up to the second floor. On each side are the living room (on the right) and the dining room (on the left), with pathways that need to remain unblocked to the rear of the house (office, bathroom, kitchen). Stay tuned for our journey to making an entryway space in a small home with no entryway!

Update: IKEA to the rescue for footwear storage!